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Antarctic peat: Other locations

2. Other moss peat banks (Antarctica, South Georgia)

Pictures 1 & 2: Moss turf dominated by Chorisodontium aciphyllum at Shingle Cove, Coronation Island (South Orkneys). Pictures taken 1999.

Pictures 3-8: Moss turf dominated by Polytrichum strictum above the penguin colony on Cuverville Island (Antarctic Peninsula). Note that the moss is slowly sliding downhill over the permafrost, with picture 7 showing moss peat which has slid down and accumulated at the bottom of slope. Pictures taken 1988/9.

Pictures 9-10: Moss turf dominated by Polytrichum strictum at Galindez Island, Argentine Islands (Antarctic Peninsula). Pictures taken 1975.

Picture 11: The deepest moss peat bank found: c.3m deep, at Walker Point on Elephant Island (picture from 1976-7 Joint Services Expedition).

Picture 12: Turf of Polytrichum strictum at Maiviken, on South Georgia, with the grass Festuca contracta. Picture taken 1975.

See the paper by James Fenton & Ron Lewis Smith:

Distribution, composition and general characteristics of the moss banks of the maritime Antarctic

British Antarctic Survey Bulletin Vol. 51, 1982