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Antarctic moss-dominated vegetation

7. Other Signy Island (South Orkneys) vegetation

Picture 1: Overview of a landscape dominated by mosses and lichens. Mosses prefer the damper areas and lichens the drier ones. Lichens can grow directly on rock.

Pictures 2-3: Turves of the mosses Chorisodontium  (yellow-green) and Andreaea (reddish-orange).

Picture 4: Various different moss-dominated communities are visible here, including those dominated by Chorisodontium, Andreaea and Drepanocladus.

Picture 5. Rounded hummocks of the moss Chorisodontium aciphyllum colonising a carpet of the moss Drepanocladus uncinatus.

Picture 6. Early stages of the formation of a turf dominated by Chorisodontium aciphyllum.

Pictures 7-8: Carpets of the moss Drepanocladus uncinatus.

Picture 9: General view of moss-dominated vegetation.

Picture 10: Coastal orange lichens (Xanthoria and Caloplaca).

Picture 11: Unvegetated patterned ground showing stone circles.

These pictures all taken in 1975 while James was working for the British Antarctic Survey.

8. Some Antarctic Peninsula mosses & lichens

Pictures 1-2: Carpets of the moss Drepanocladus uncinatus on Aitcho Island, South Shetland Is.

Picture 3: Carpet of the moss Bryum pseudotriquetrum at Brown Bluff.

Picture 4: A small moss carpet, ?Pohlia nutans, on an island near the south end of the Lemaire Channel.

Pictures 5-6: Hummocks of the moss Bracythecium austro-salebrosum. Drepanocladus uncinatus is also present on picture 5, comprising about half of the hummock, centre right.

Picture 7: The moss Polytrichum alpinum colonising volcanic gravel on Deception Island.

Picture 8: Several species of lichen colonising a rock at Shingle Cove, Coronation I. (South Orkneys).

Pictures 9-10: The ‘leafy’ lichen Umbilicaria growing on rocks (with other species of lichen visible).

Picture 11: Usnea lichens growing on a rock, with crustose lichens also visible.

These pictures all taken in 1998-9.